This Rocks, What Can I Do?

If you clicked here, I’ll start with a big high five! I think this research is pretty exciting too.

If you like the sound of the research, or the blog itself then you can help out a bunch of ways:

1. Get in touch – you’d be surprised how exciting it is just to have someone reach out and say g’day.

2. Spread the word – like any research, we’re always looking to raise the profile of the project. So we’d certainly be excited if you let everyone you know about it through whatever media you can (don’t know that I’d recommend a tattoo, but e-mail, Facebook, Google +, Twitter or whatever social media you prefer all sound good).

3. Even more – as CareFlight is pretty much covering the seed funding, obviously any money that can be raised for them helps us. So you can go to their website if you are keen on directly donating (and maybe mention it’s for research while you’re there). In the future, we may consider doing some crowdfunding campaigns, but we don’t really have the support base for that just yet.


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