Places to Go

Some links to things relevant to the research, or just to really great stuff.

One of the places I get to work. The website in no way does justice to the amount of amazing work done here every day. I feel particularly blessed to work with all those at the kids’ hospital, who go well beyond what is written in the job description to try and help kids who are sick. Well worth a bit of support if the thought has crossed your mind at all.

Unsurprisingly, I think this site is worth a look. Obviously, I believe in what CareFlight does, but I’d like to think I’d be inspired by any organisation that has been looking for ways to assist the critically ill, wherever they are, for more than 25 years. There’s even chances to donate.

A great site for all on the PhD road.

Media by people who are actually experts in their field.

Jeffrey Beall is a librarian by training and protector of open access integrity. Not only does this provide great info on open access publishers and journals worth trusting and not worth your time, he gives clear reasons why he’s made that assessment so you can weigh it up yourself. Awesome.

This is a newish site that looks to already have some great science stories.

While on Twitter

#phdchat is always worth checking in to.

One of the features I particularly like about Twitter is the way it can function both as an insight into the thoughts of others, and also as a pretty useful way of accessing news and interesting stuff.  There’s a few individuals I find to be particularly good at passing on useful stuff and/or commenting on the state of research:

@whereisdaz – Dr Darren Saunders is  a cancer researcher at The Garvan Institute in Sydney. He often has great stuff (and not all of it is about the science).

@realscientists – this one rotates week by week through various impressive scientists. A new stream every week.

@dr_krystal – A malaria researcher who also does regular radio bits. Frequently shares interesting stuff relevant to researchers of all persuasions and a strong advocate for those who are early in their research career.

@bengoldacre – Author of some great books including Bad Pharma. Great source for public health stuff.

@upulie – one of the people responsible for @realscientists and general sharer of excellent science stuff.

@dr_mel_thomson – not only an early example of a researcher in Oz doing a bit of successful crowd funding, a veritable morning news service.

@FacesPics – This account consistently makes me laugh out loud. It’s just pictures of things that unexpectedly reveal a face.

@DeptofAustralia – a bit Oz-centric but there’s some brilliant satire in this simple account.

@KngHnryVIII – tweets from the Tudor king. Recent highlight “When Life gives you lemons, just remember that Life gives some people diabetes and/or Anne Boleyn and have a sense of bloody perspective.” Excellent.




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